Any members and/or visitors to the site are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. To this end the club has set out below Health and Safety guidelines to follow when entering the show site.

1. Horse boxes and trailers MUST:

a. Be parked in such a way as not to cause obstruction to either parties and allow access to and from the other site for emergency vehicles.

b. Be parked with sufficient space between each vehicle to reduce the risk of fire spreading

c. Carry a full functional Fire Extinguisher. Please note that this legislation is mandatory for boxes.

2. Bikes must not be ridden on the Show Site under any circumstances, and must be parked so as not to cause obstruction or potential hazard.

3. Prams must be attended at all times and are not allowed in collecting rings under any circumstances.

4. Horses/ponies to be exercised in appropriate collecting rings only, not in between vehicles or on pathways.

5. Horses/Ponies must not be lunged on site as this could endanger the safety of spectators, competitors and animals.

6. Riders must wear the correct standard of hat at all times when mounted. Please refer to Competition Rules.

7. Competitors and Groom only allowed on collecting rings. No prams, dogs or their parties.

8. Dogs must be kept on a lead and kept under control at all times.

9. Stallion handlers must wear a yellow armband.

10. Red ribbon must be tied in the tail of ponies/horses known to kick out.