The club shall award annual trophies for each class, with awards and rosettes to 4th Place. Winners shall be selected by the means of a points system in which 6 points are the 1st place, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th and 1 point for all members entering the class but not placed. These points are cumulative and are awarded as and from the receipt of membership. Points are awarded to a horse/pony and rider/handler combination on completion of class. Competitors must compete in at least four points shows to qualify for any trophy at the end of the season, except foals who only need to compete in three shows. In the event of a tie for any place, each of these competitors shall be entitled to maximum points for that particular place, but depending on the number of competitors, no points shall be awarded to the next succeeding place.

  • Non-competitors are welcome to enter classes. Rules of the class apply as normal. No points are awarded entry fee as normal.
  • No Horse/Pony under the age of 4 years old can compete in any ridden class.
  • Stallion handlers must be over 16years of age.
  • All showing and working hunter classes can be judged using B.S.P.S rules as a guideline.
  • Jumping Classes. B.S.J.A rules used as a guideline, height of ponies as per schedule.
  • Equitation will be judged 80% riding ability, 10% manners and 10% turnout. Snaffles only.
  • Handy Pony classes will be judged 80% riding ability, 15% manners and 5% turnout.
  • Lead Rein handlers must be over 16 years of age
  • Once off the Lead Rein in ANY OTHER CLASS (except True Beginners) children may not return to the Lead Rein.
  • A Horse/Pony is eligible to compete in only one Handy Pony Class with the exception of Lead Rein. The Lead Rein competitor must go last.
  • All competitors MUST wear regulation headgear and be correctly dressed. It is recommended that all competitors wear body protectors. Regulation headgear must be worn by all competitors in Young Handler classes.
  • Spurs must be blunt and worn the correct way – DOWN, spurs can be worn in showing classes at the judges discretion.
  • Whips carried must not exceed regulation length of 32”. Excessive use of the whip is forbidden.
  • The Committee expressly forbids misuse of whips and spurs.
  • It is forbidden for a judge to ask any competitor to change mount in any class, due to insurance regulations.
  • During a class, only Judge, Stewards and Competitors will be allowed in the ring.
  • Late entries will not be accepted on the ring. No entries after 3.30pm.
  • The Judges decision is final in all competitions. Rudeness and discourtesy to Judges and Officials etc at any Club activity is prohibited and the Committee will take action against the member concerned.
  • With any objection to the height of a pony/horse a £20.00 fee shall be lodged with Hon. Secretary. If no height certificate is produced or a Veterinary Surgeon issues one – the cost of this to be borne by the loser. The Committee reserve the right to query the height of any horse/pony.

The Committee shall interpret the rules as follows: –

  • On receipt of an objection fee of £20.00 both parties (the Objector and Objectee) will be required to read this interpretation and state that they are willing to abide by it.
  • The animal in question will be measured by two members of the Committee or by a person appointed by the Committee in the presence of both parties concerned, an amicable settlement to be reached at this point if possible.
  • If either party requires a height certificate it is to be understood by both the Objector and Objectee that the maximum the “loser” will be required to pay for a veterinary.
  • The Committee only acts as a referee to ensure that Club rules are upheld and that any disagreements arising are not the concern of the Club.
  • An “Adult Member” of the Club can only lodge objections with the secretary.
  • Any Complaint or controversy affecting any of the shows or any other activities must be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary accompanied by a £20.00 fee to be repaid if the Committee rule the complaint is justified.
  • A Horse/Pony may be humanely destroyed in the owners absence if the Veterinary Surgeon considers that there should be immediate destruction.
  • The Show Director and the Club Officials ask all members on the field to assist them in their various duties and make this occasion as enjoyable as possible and comply with the rules of the day regarding safety, parking, ringside punctuality etc.

NB. When competing in all Jumping and Show Classes Skull Caps/Riding Hats must be British Standards Nos EN1384, PAS015, BSI4472 or 6473 or PAS Accredited and must be worn at all times.